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Release November 10, 2023 

Promise Me Nothing

Monzie Blue

My Healing Heart.jpg

Release August 17, 2023 

My Healing Heart

Willow Muse


Release April 21, 2023

Album: LIEBE

Ulrich Zehfuss

Du wirst mich nicht los.png

Release February 17, 2023

Du wirst mich nicht los

Ulrich Zehfuss

One Step Closer  2970x2970.png

Release January 4, 2023 

One Step Closer

Tamra Hayden


Release December 23, 2022 

New Year Tomorrow

Anders Wihk and Will Diehl


Release October 21, 2022 


Ulrich Zehfuss

Carry you.png

Release September 28, 2022 

Carry You


Drunk on summer.png

Release June 18, 2022 

Drunk On Summer

Drunk On Summer - feat: This Is Karni


Release May 16, 2022 

Springtime in my heart

Anders Wihk and Will Diehl

Release April 8, 2022 

Release Tensions

and feel free to shake that yoghurt

Anders Wihk Trio

This World is Ours

Artist: Eva Jumatate 

Words and Music: Anders Wihk

A song about that we together need to take responsibility for our world. Performed by the talented young singer Eva Jumatate. The new word 'gretatude' = "taking action for our planet" is introduced in the song.


Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and other platforms.


Sång: Helén Tanzborn

Text: Cecilia Ekhem  Musik: Anders Wihk


Finns på Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon mm.

Varsågod! Här finns noter till dig som också vill sjunga denna fina adventsång.



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