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2020 Events

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  • This World Is Ours #WorldConcertDay
  • Earth Day 2020 - This World Is Ours
    Watchparty on Facebook.com/AndersWihkMusic
  • Studio visit #5 - Anders Wihk, Ulf Nordquist & Maria Wihk
    LIVE on Facebook.com/AndersWihkMusic
  • Studio visit # 4 - Anders Wihk & Anders Paulsson
    Facebook LIVE "Studio visit"

All concerts IRL are cancelled due to Corona.

So please join me in the studio instead.


We had a great first "Studio visit" on March 23 with my friends and fellow musicians Carl Michael Bergerheim, Belén Romano och Per-Erik Hallin!


See all the Studio Visits here:

Facebook.com/Anders WihkMusic 



This World is Ours

Artist: Eva Jumatate 

Words and Music: Anders Wihk

A song about that we together need to take responsibility for our world. Performed by the talented young singer Eva Jumatate. The new word 'gretatude' = "taking action for our planet" is introduced in the song.


Available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and other platforms.


Sång: Helén Tanzborn

Text: Cecilia Ekhem  Musik: Anders Wihk


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