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Background & Work

Anders' wide experience in many music genres melts together in his melodic arrangements and live performances as a soloist and accompanist.


He has performed and toured in Sweden, Europe, USA and most frequently in Asia, mainly Japan and Korea. He has recorded and also produced over 30 albums with various artists from Sweden, Japan and USA.


Anders spent much time at the piano when he grew up in the countryside in the west part of Sweden. At age fifteen he appeared with the Swedish celebrity boogie-woogie phenomenon Charlie Norman and the two Swedish jazz legends Arne Domnérus and Bengt Hallberg.


At age seventeen he began his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ma. USA. Not only is Berklee known for its outstanding teaching methods, the teachers are also top level musicians in American music industry. Familiar names like Gary Burton, Ray Santisi and John LaPorta were just a few of Anders’ teachers at Berklee where he majored in performance to further develop his keyboard skills.


Lena Maria

Anders and the singer Lena Maria Vendelius (Klingvall) started touring around churches in Sweden. Their work together grew quickly. The two has made two concert tours to USA and over 30 concert tours to Japan during their 15 years working together.

He has produced and arranged their nine CD productions as well as composed many of the songs. He has also had the opportunity to work with musicians like Alex Acuña, Larry Carlton, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Tokyo City Orchestra.


Memorable concerts:

- Opening ceremony of Paralympics in Nagano 1998

- Tours in Sweden, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, USA

- Concert for the Princess of Thailand.

- Concert for the President of Singapore, 2002


Steve Gadd

Anders made two jazz projects with the legendary drummer Steve Gadd with recordings in Stockholm and New York.


The CD ”Mikarimba” was released in 2010 and followed by a tour to Japan

with Mika Yoshida - marimba, Anders Wihk – piano, Eddie Gomez - bas, Steve Gadd – drums, and Richard Stoltzman - saxophone.


Anders arranged ABBA-songs for jazz trio and engaged the amazing musicians Steve Gadd on drums, Svante Henrysons on bass, and as guest soloists on the CD was Robben Ford – guitar and David Sanborn – saxophone.

The CD ”Same Tree Different Fruit-ABBA” was released in 2012 followed by a tour in Sweden, Korea and Japan. The CD is produced by Bernard Löhr in the legendary Mono Music studio in Stockholm, owned by ABBA founding member Benny Andersson. (


Jazz, gospel, Japan and songwriting

Anders Wihk Trio (with Johan Lofcrantz Ramsay on drums and Kenneth Holmström on bass) has been performing in jazz clubs, festivals, churches and on tours with Lena Maria, and also follow-up concerts with the ABBA-songs from the Same Tree Different Fruit-project.

Gospel music is also a big part of Anders music and he initiated the Gospel Choir project FCGC and NCGC and collaborated with gospel singers like André De Lang, Paris Renita, EllyEve, Josefin Wassler and Berit Kullberg Söderholm.


In Japan he has also worked with the opera singer Shinichiro Maeda and the jazz guitarist Tom Kanematsu together with Anders Wihk Trio.


Song writing has always been an important part of his music career, and he has written many of the songs for Lena Maria during their 15 years long collaboration.

2019 his song “This World Is Ours” with the young talented singer Eva Jumatate was released. 

2020 Four of his songs reached the Semi-final of UK Songwriting Contest and his song "One Last Kiss Goodnight" made it all the way to the Finals!

2021- Co-laborations with singer-songwriters like Will Diehl and Ulrich Zehfuss and more are releases on Spotify and other platforms. Listen to all releases by Anders Wihk at this playlist: This is Anders Wihk

Features Include:

Same Tree Different Fruit

Jazz arrangements of ABBA songs. With the original trio below or "All Swedish Edition" with Anders Wihk Trio.


Solo Piano

Jazz standards, songs, hymns and some ABBA-tunes.


Choir workshop and concert with André De Lang and Anders Wihk


NCGC - Nacka Community Gospel Choir

Gospel choir - Anders Wihk and Berit Kullberg Söderholm



A musical theatre with Charlotte and Anders Wihk, Daniela Fogelholm  and Jan Korander from Finland. 

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Listen to over 30 years of professional experience


2023 Liebe - Ulrich Zehfuss

2022 Several songs with different artists. 

2020 5 Sånger - Helén Tanzborn

2019 This World Is Oura - Eva Jumatate

2012 Svenska Julvisor

2011 Same Tree Different Fruit plays ABBA  – Anders Wihk, Steve Gadd, Svante Henryson
2010 Marimba Madness – Mika Yoshida, Steve Gadd, Eddie Gomez & Anders Wihk
2009 En bergsmans kärlek till livet – Torsten Börjemalm
2008 Så kan det låta 2  – Charlotte Wihk
2007 Shinochiro Maeda and Anders Wihk – Shinochiro Maeda
2007 25 Strålande Stjärnor  – Anders Wihk & 25 strålande stjärnor
2005 Jazz Surprise, DVD  – Anders Wihk
2004 10 år med Lena Maria – Lena Maria
2003 Amazing Grace – Lena Maria
2002 Women of Hope Ps 23 – Lena Maria
2002 Season of Joy – Lena Maria
2002 Morning Glory – Tom Kanematsu & Anders Wihk trio
2002 In your Delight – Lena Maria
2002 Every Little Note – Lena Maria
2002 Amazing Roads – Anders Wihk
2001 Lena Maria – Lena Maria
2001 Heartfilled – Lena Maria
2000 Women of Hope with love – Lena Maria
2000 A Christmas Present from Lena Maria
1999 Sjung Ut  – Lena Maria, Anders Wihk mfl
1998 Rutsuko Fukosawa
1998 Because He Lives/Mitt hjärtas sång – Lena Maria
1997 Markusevangeliet  – Roger Storm
1996 LM & Anders Band- live – Lena Maria & Anders Wihk trio
1996 Best Friend – Lena Maria & Anders Wihk trio
1995 In Heavens's Eyes – Rutsuko Fukosawa
1995 En Doft av Himmel –  Seth Olofsson & Anders Wihk
1995 Amazing Grace/Förunderlig nåd Lena Maria
1994 My Life Lena Maria
1993 Jazz of the 90's Anders Wihk trio
1992 Live in Japan-92 Lena Maria & Anders
1991 Lena Maria & Anders



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